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About A P Pest Control

A P PEST CONTROL is a company where the customers come first and they are happy with the standard of work that is carried out in all aspects of the job, from manners to being professional. All Vehicles are not sign written so we arrive and people just think we are visiting and being discreet is part of the job we think. We do all kinds of things from basic pest control such as Rats, mice, ants, fly control units, bird culls, insect control, wasps - bees etc.  All bees will be taken out were possible and re-homed and advice given if we think they can be left alone as we need them more than we all know. All bird work from discreet netting system to clearance of pigeon fouling etc to a very high standard. We as a company are fare and honest on what we believe in i.e. Customer come first that they are happy with all work that they are getting and is being carried out on their premises. Which that makes us happy so we can form a good relationships with the customers. We also offer a 24 hour  call out service as well, so your premises are protected against unwanted visitors which is part of the services we offer so there are  no hidden cost, what you see is what you pay for. Qualifications are to a very high standard, so please give us a ring for a quote and get a great service.

We have all had pest issues at some point in our premises, flies ant, rodents, wasps, bees, squirrels, and lots of other pests to many to mention. A P pest control believe customer want a quiet response to resolve the problem you may have, quickly and to a high standard so you can get on with the important things in life. We do pest management, house clearances, all bird work, at commercial premises to private property's to a high stranded.

Pigeons seem to roost in the most strangest places and become a real nuisance in areas around buildings and inside buildings which can deface buildings and pathways with bird fouling. This can become dangerous, slippery and carries a health risk to people and encourages insect infestation such as textile pests i.e. Mites, fleas, which are attracted to nesting sites which spread diseases such as Ornithosis, E-coli and salmonella. We as a company do discreet netting systems to buildings and premises which have problems with feral pigeons. We design netting system to keep target species out i.e. (Pigeons) but will not harm or injure any none target birds which can keep free and flying. As well as netting systems we do a range of preventive measures to keep pigeons off your premises as well so your buildings stay free of bird fouling. We as a company can beat any genuine quote with free surveys as we believe customers always come first and keep the work we carry out to a very high standard. We have very competitive prices so please give us a call.

We as a company, based in Nottingham offer rodent management services for the control of rodent activity which means to identify the target species we need to manage which knowing the biology and the habitat of the rodents. so it help us to resolve the problems quickly and professionally without harming wildlife and non target species to a very high standard.